img40THE AX150 GREASE PUMP is a single stroke 12:1 ratio non-electric air pump feeding a single steel mainline distributing to manifold blocks housing individual serviceable grease meters. The pump has the capacity of feeding from 1 to 150 grease points, so the system is easily expandable with the minimum of cost. This means that one pump does all and you can easily expand the system to suit varying bodies that are being fitted to the chassis. The reservoir is filled from the base of the pump by means of a sealed quick connect fitting, so avoiding possible contamination. Also the breather pipe is fully enclosed within the reservoir to save ingress of fine dust from the environment.The pump will in fact work underwater !!!

The system uses individual meters supplying their own grease point mounted in a manifold block. Should there be a blockage of one meter, it is isolated to that point and does not affect or stop the working of the rest of the system. Each meter is a serviceable item and incorporates a push lock fitting for the nylon tube feeding the grease point.

6 different sized delivery meters are available.

img42THE TIMER is cab mounted and requires 12V/24V electric plus an air supply. The timer has a built in memory so that when the vehicle is not in use it remembers when it last fired the system and how much time is remaining. When the vehicle is restarted it will fire the system at the right moment. In addition it has been designed to incorporate a special outlet socket to allow use of our patented KWIK-CHECK service system.

The remote controlled service system is unique and patented to the AX150. Kwik-Check allows one person to thoroughly check out the entire autolube system in LESS THAN 10 MINUTES.


The system has varying treatments to make it fully corrosion free.


Because of its simplicity in design and operation the AX150 in conjunction with the Kwik Check service system will give you years of trouble free operation plus it can be expanded to other lubrication points at the minimum of cost.

Eliminating the need for maintenance staff to crawl inside machines, or to remember to lube points hidden behind safety guards means that autolube may also be considered a Health & Safety issue, not just a financial matter.

Machinery which is not correctly lubricated is vulnerable to sudden, catastrophic failure, with enormous potential liabilities.

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