What is Kwik-Check ?
The Kwik-Check service system incorporates a hand held remote control sender and a plug in receiver.

Once connected the remote control enables a mechanic to fire the lube pump, up to 100 meter / 300 feet away.

Not only does this mean that now only 1 mechanic is needed to check the lube, but also that a 30-point system can now be truly checked in under 5 minutes.

Further, because the AX150 air pump produces up to 1500 p.s.i. main line pressure a distinct pulse can be felt in the grease lines. This pulse, if detected, is a sure sign that grease is moving through the lube system.   

If no pulse is felt the push lock fitting on the lube point my be easily disconnected and the remote control used to re-fire the system, to check for grease.

Each lube point of the AX150 system works independently, and regardless of the condition of its neighbors. If a lube point does become blocked it is most likely through contaminated grease. All lube points on the AX150 system are serviceable items. Just disassemble the meter, wash in spirit and re-assemble. Nothing could be simpler.

This type of reliability & checkability has been proven over the past 30 years of AX150 Autolube production.

The ‘Kwik-Check’ service system can also be hard wired to operate via an extension ‘Wanda Lead’ with push button.

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