Filtakleen will permanently maintain oil at ISO 14/11 H20=< 0.05%

The Filtakleen system can be either installed directly on to the machine, or used as an off-line cleaning rig to purify oil. The benefits to the oil and machine are two fold:-

ULTRA FINE DEBRIS REMOVAL - down to 1 micron
Once installed, Filtakleen's filtering efficiency removes all damaging wear particles down to 1-micron which are normally missed by the main 10 micron filter. This removal of ultra fine debris at source immediately cuts the risk of malfunctioning control valves as well as dramatically reducing the sandblasting erosion of the hoses and seals by fine particles.

In addition, Filtakleen takes away the risk of silting the suction filters which can cause pump damage through cavitation.

In fact, the finer tolerances of today's machinery makes the removal of 1-10 micron wear particles a necessity and so by addressing this need with Filtakleen you are creating major long term benefits in both component life, circuit operation and production.

100% Water Removal - Stop Acidity    

By its ability to remove all moisture content Filtakleen reduces dramatically the normal acid build-up in the oil so avoiding the corrosion and chemical degradation of all the seals and hoses as well as preventing unnecessary pump wear and cavitation through invert emulsions.

Any moisture, either from a leak, or internally produced will be immediately removed by the Filtakleen element.

Even totally emulsified oil will be rapidly recovered.

The Filtakleened oil below is at least 2 grades cleaner than new hydraulic oil. It has worked for 1 year, approximately 6000 hours.

According to the machine manufacturer's maintenance schedule the oil should be changed every 6000 hours.

To change the oil would cost approximately double the cost of the Filtakleen unit.

The Filtakleen will extend the life of the oil by at least 5 times

Special Note.

Filtakleen is a supplement to the main filters which works by continually taking only a small amount of oil from the system upon which we are able to perform a thorough cleaning operation.

What our customers have to say.

Filter element condition indicator gives regular site of machine oil and early warning of likely system contamination problems.

What creates the need to maintain oil.

Times are changing...

NOT SO LONG AGO used oil could be sold.

RIGHT NOW some companies will collect it for free.

The FUTURE however is towards paying to get rid of it...!!!



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