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  • Screws into a grease nipple socket or other lubrication point.
  • Discharges 120 ml of grease or oil in a controlled continuous flow, equal to about 96 average strokes from a grease gun.
  • Offers seven built in discharge durations between 1 and 12 months.
  • Indicator ring on the piston allows lubricant level to be monitored from any position.
  • Operating temperature range is -20°C to +60°C, with standard discharge durations rated at +20°C.
  • Pressure relief valve opens at approximatly 6 bars/ 87 p.s.i., releasing lubricant to warn of blocked grease ways.
  • Is completely self-contained - needs no pumps, motors, springs, batteries, electronic circuitry or activators.

How the GREASOMATIC ® Works

  • The GREASOMATIC® is driven by gas which is generated by a slow galvanic chemical reaction.
  • Gas is collected within the expansion chamber when a zinc/molybdenum galvanic element is released into a mild organic electrolyte.
  • gm cross3bThe expansion chamber bears against the piston, dispensing lubricant at the selected rate.
  • Discharge duration depends on the rate of gas generation. This is governed by the patented adjustable galvanic element.
  • Before activation, the galvanic element is connected to the external control knob.
  • Rotating the knob adjusts the exposure of the pin-shaped cathode. This determines the rate of gas generation for the discharge duration selected on the dial.
  • The red locking button secures the dial setting.
  • Further rotation of the knob (5 turns min) injects the galvanic element into the electrolyte, activating the GREASOMATIC®.



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