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GREASOMATIC® Automatic Lubricators are widely used in the quarry and mining idustry. Some typical applications are shown above. GREASOMATIC® lubricate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for month after month, without attention. They not only ensure that the bearings are lubricated adequately - the continous light pressure that they apply helps prevent ingress of dust and grit.

The GREASOMATIC® is the only single point lubricator that is manufactured in Britain. Its unique adjustable galvanic element is protected by British, European and international patents. Wymark's quality management systems have been assessed by BSI as fulfilling the requirements of BSI EN ISP 9002 and the GREASOMATIC® has the Cerberus approval for use in underground mining based on the criteria of the former British Coal Acceptance scheme.


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